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hey there, mama!

Let’s chat about your motherhood + mental health. I see you.. chasing normal, pretending to be someone you aren’t, molding yourself into something everyone else says you should be. This perfect mother, with the perfect kids and the perfect house. Meanwhile you are drowning in the overwhelm, neglecting your mental health and self-care. 

Mama, we’ve got to stop this. This isn’t the life for you. 

This isn't the life you were meant to live. And I believe that.


oh hey!

let's be real

The anxiety, overwhelm and chaos is too much. 

You aren’t feeling the joy in your motherhood. 

And self-care? Nonexistent. 

Let’s be honest- this is most of us in motherhood. 

Overwhelmed. Tired. Schedules so full we can’t even catch a moment for ourselves. 

But we do it right?

Because we are told that we give up ourselves, our health and our passions when we become a mother. 

That we don’t matter. 

But mama, this is not true. 

You matter. 



It's time to take your life back. This is what I want for you

A life full of love and joy. 

A calm, cozy home. 

A simple life, led with purpose and intention. 

Fulfilled in your motherhood. 

Your calendar isn’t jammed packed. 

You aren’t overwhelmed, just waiting until bedtime. 

A healthy mental state… awesome self-care routines. 

We got this. Let's do it!




Resources available to you, community and more. 




Posts to help you thrive in your motherhood + mental health. 




I mean need I say more? 30 Days of Gratitude, Mental Health Illness Diagnoses Checklist + more

Nice to meet you


hi i’m christina, it’s so nice to meet you

I am so happy you are here. I’ve been there- right where you are. Alone. Lost. But I got myself better and so can you. You are not alone in your journey through motherhood + mental health. This space is where I share what’s worked for me, what can work for you + support and community. Welcome! 

Diagnosed with a Mental Illness? I have some guidance for you.

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