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The 20-Minute Reset for Mamas

Feeling overwhelmed? Hiding in the bathroom crying? I’m so sorry mama, I’ve been there. So many times!

I wanted to share with you today what works for me, and that’s a 20-minute reset. Don’t have 20 minutes? That’s okay- 10 minutes, 15 minutes or whatever you can do is great. Literally anything will be helpful. 

It’s not complicated. It’s simple really. It’s all about taking a few minutes to hit pause, breathe, think and reset. 

When you are so overwhelmed you can’t fully function anymore, take 20 minutes to get yourself back to where you need to be. Kids going crazy and there’s no way in hell you can sneak away for 20 minutes? Take whatever you can. Grab a notepad and a pen, a hot beverage and sneak away. Get everyone set up with a cartoon for a couple minutes. Whatever you can do to get a couple minutes by yourself.

First, sit in silence for a couple minutes and just be. This is so important. The running from this thing to that thing, the constant questions, the constant noise.. is draining. Most of us at the end of the day have been asked so many questions, have made so many decisions that we literally cannot answer another question. Right?

Next, grab that pen and write down everything that is overwhelming you. Let everything pour out onto the paper, don’t think just write. You’ll be surprised what comes out. Then I want you to take those notes and work back through them to see what you can change now. Anything that you do not have control of, let it go. Say, “I know I can’t control this but that’s okay. What I can control is..”. Whatever you have written down that you CAN control write out. Think about what you can do to fix it.

There is so much power in getting things down on paper. When we are in a state of overwhelm our minds can’t process everything and we certainly aren’t able to problem solve!

Giving yourself space to get everything out is something that is so helpful. Especially when your head is filled with racing thoughts, when you feel like you just want to turn your brain off. When you have decision fatigue. When you are so emotional or all over the place. Taking the time to press pause, calm yourself down and get it all out works wonders. Trust me. I have to do this, often.

Most of the time I am so overwhelmed with all the to do’s, with something else popping into my head every other minute. It’s exhausting, mentally. And then my anxiety goes through the roof. So I have to say, “hey, you’ve got to stop, take a break. Breathe.” and I do. I grab my journal and I write down every single thing that I can think of. All those thoughts swirling around up there, down on paper. One by one I go through them. And I can honestly say when I am done I feel so much better. A huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. And this is why I share this with you. Because I know how it is. It’s hard.

Hoping this helps you in some way mama!

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