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Simplify Your Life to Improve Your Motherhood and Mental Health

As a mom of three boys, always on the go- I believed chaos was normal. Now don’t get me wrong, a house full of three boys is wild. But the idea that I was meant to struggle through each day, my head spinning, that was wrong.

After many, many tears I discovered one thing: I needed to be more intentional with my time. I needed to simplify all that I could. And with this came the room to breathe, it was truly an incredible, much-needed change.

​I went from feeling like I had to have my schedule full all the time, with all the things and I realized it’s okay to say no. Time to rest, breathe and just be are so important. I embraced the notion that less is actually more, our time is valuable and it’s okay to let go of some responsibilities.

Think laundry help and grocery pick up- yes, please!

I know motherhood is tough. Battling a mental health illness is tough. Simplifying isn’t a cure-all, it’s not going to make everything better but it can make things easier. It can ease some of the chaos.

Listen. You can have a peaceful home, more time with the family and less time stressing. How? Simplify- your time, your house and your life.

Simplify. That one word can be life-changing. Why? Because life is hard enough when you are juggling family, appointments, relationships, kids, endless to do’s and so on. Right? It’s tough!

​So let’s get you on the right track to simplifying in your motherhood. These tips below will help you create more space and time in your life and less stress and overwhelm.

  1. Create boundaries in your life with work, family and friends. Even with yourself. Creating and implementing boundaries is essential in living a life with less overwhelm.
  2. Delete all the apps off your phone you don’t use.
  3. Set a time each day to check social media so you aren’t tempted to check it each hour or more, it’s a major time suck.
  4. Take a social media break.
  5. Walk around the house with a garbage bag and toss anything that isn’t bringing you joy, isn’t necessary or serving your family.
  6. Create a master grocery list. What are everyone’s favorites? What do you always order?
  7. Try online grocery shopping- for pick up or delivery. (Life saver!)
  8. Create routines as mentioned above.
  9. Create a spot where everything goes that doesn’t have a “spot”. This can be a “catch-all bin” that sits by the bottom of the stairs and houses everything that doesn’t belong on the first floor, and vice versa. Have the kiddos go through it each night and put their stuff away.
  10. Clean out your junk drawer.
  11. Speaking of junk drawer- create a drawer or a space for every member in your household. I don’t know about you but our junk drawer gets out of control two days after its cleaned. It’s because everyone has stuff in it, there’s no order. (The worst!) Giving everyone their own spot helps this.
  12. Pick the days you’ll do laundry and keep those days. Trying to do laundry every single day is the worst and it’s unproductive. Believe me, I’ve been there!
  13. Have your kiddos do chores!
  14. Get organized.
  15. Make sure everything in your house has a home. (Where does everything go?)
  16. Get yourself set up with smart devices that will help make your life easier. (A lot of research will go into this and set up time but once that is done- you’re good to go!)
  17. Make sure all kids have laundry baskets and are in charge of bringing it down, folding clothes and putting away.
  18. Create a budget and automate it.
  19. Declutter your house- go on, toss it or give it away!
  20. Rethink your answers- it’s okay to say no!
  21. Simplify meal planning- grocery delivery/pick up, meal prep on the weekend.
  22. Accept help (And ask for it!) Let’s face it, we mom’s do not like to ask for help most of the time but we need it!
  23. Get a planner. You need it.
  24. Set goals- weekly, monthly, yearly- they are so good for you!
  25. Talk to your family and get on the same page.
  26. Delegate laundry tasks- everyone can help out.
  27. Get ready for the week Sundays (I do this, so recommend it!)
  28. Get ready for the morning the night before- pack lunches, set outfits out, set bags by the door- anything you can to make your morning easier, do it.
  29. Learn to say no and be okay with it.
  30. Prioritize- create a list of your priorities in life. Focus your energy on those.
  31. Simplify work tasks.
  32. Simplify your wardrobe.
  33. Follow your heart. Do what you love.
  34. Create free time in your life.
  35. Be present.
  36. Eat healthier.
  37. Be okay doing nothing.
  38. Drink more water!
  39. Hire a cleaner- this doesn’t have to be expensive, even once a month is a help.

​Simplifying in different areas has been truly a gift to not only myself but my family as well. It’s something that has made a world of difference. I hope it does to yours as well!

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  • Noelle
    July 12, 2022

    I love this Christina! It’s especially inspiring that you’re a mama of 3 boys. I have one daughter so I can only imagine how stressful it must’ve felt with 3. Great blog post!