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Getting Unstuck in Motherhood

Hi there- how are you doing? I mean how are you REALLY doing? I know we talk a lot here about mental health illnesses but today I want to talk about something that mothers out there face one time or another: Feeling stuck in their motherhood.

Before I go on- if you are dealing with depression in your motherhood, please do not ignore it. Get help. I know it’s so hard to admit that we need help, believe me, I’ve been there. But you are loved. Please reach out to a friend, family member or doctor. And know, it’s okay to not be okay.

I have this post here about depression and motherhood, including a free wellness journal.

Do you feel stuck? I get it, motherhood can be so overwhelming and downright dreadful at times. (I know, I said it) But it doesn’t have to be all the time. We do have control over some things still, although it feels as though we don’t. If you are stuck right now, if you are needing something to get you up and out of where you are hiding, please keep reading! I put together this list of things that you can do today to help get yourself unstuck in your motherhood. I truly hope this helps.

First, this is the perfect post if you are recently diagnosed with a mental health illness. I’ve put together a list of things you can do to move forward: You’ve been diagnosed with a mental health illness: Now what?

One great tip I have is to do a 20-minute reset when you are feeling overwhelmed. Think of those times you are hiding in the bathroom, sobbing tears while the kiddos run around. Check out this post here– it’s a great way to hit pause. 

Now, you need to take care of yourself. Are you? You cannot give to anyone else, especially your babies and your spouse, if you are not okay. Period. It doesn’t work that way. So take care of yourself! Make this a priority. Here are a handful of ways you can take some time to take care of you!

  • Listen to music. (This seems like a silly thing to list but music is so incredibly powerful.)
  • Go on a walk outside. Fresh air and quiet can do wonders for you mentally. Even just ten minutes!
  • Mediate
  • Read a good book. (Reading is a pleasure many of us give up because we simply don’t have time for it after we become parents, especially with young children, but reading is so good for you. Try to add this back into your life.)
  • Get a babysitter so you can have date night or you time.
  • Schedule in thirty minutes a day for just you– when your hubby get’s home, during nap time- whenever you can.
  • Create a morning routine that works for you.
  • Journal (A must!)
  • Take your vitamins.
  • Listen to a podcast.
  • Start a side hustle or work on your passion project.
  • Color.
  • Take a bath with a good glass of wine. 

It’s so important to protect your calendar and your time. To set boundaries. To understand that you do not have to be busy all the time, you don’t have to say yes to all the things and volunteer at everything your kiddos school puts on. Read more here: Protect your time and your calendar

I am a big fan of simplifying in life. It truly does make such a difference when we get intentional about our time, our lives and keep that intention moving forward. Here is a great post about simplifying in your motherhood and life

You can also read all about decluttering as well. Taking the time to go through your house and toss anything that isn’t serving you or your family anymore is something that will bring peace and calm to your house. The chaos of clutter can be overwhelming and its exhausting. Read more here

Wishing you healing and rest on your journey.

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