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Why You Should Know Your Personality Type

I talk a lot about motherhood and mental health here but what is also super important is understanding who you are and how you were made. What on earth am I talking about? Your personality!

Knowing your personality type is everything- everything we think, feel do- it all comes down to that.

So why exactly should you find our your personality type?

First, have you ever sat there and wondered why you are the way you are? Why do you feel a certain way? Why do certain things upset you but not others? Knowing your personality type will better help explain this.

Knowing your personality type can help you not only better understand yourself but those around you and how you interact with them.

It will help you understand your energy levels, how your mind and body work and what you need to replenish your energy.

Once you know how your personalty works it allows you to find other people who you relate to. It really sheds light into your current relationships and why they work the way they work.

It’ll help you understand your “why.” You are better able to understand your strengthens and weaknesses. Plus, you’ll learn about your feelings, which is super helpful when trying to control your emotions. I know this firsthand.

You’ll also be able to tell which situations are better for you than others and what ones you really should stay away from.

I truly believe that better understanding your personality and how we work not only allows us to live better lives but it allows us to better understand our mental health.

Find our your personality type here.

Do you know yours already? Share in the comments!

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