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One Bloggers Review of Mom 2.0 Summit

Hey mamas!

Okay, so I’m a little late. I attended the Mom 2.0 Summit Conference at the end of April, and I loved it– every single minute of it. So I wrote all about it! And then tucked it away, and here we are in July. Better late than never, right? That kind of sums up my life. Between being a mama to three boys, managing my mental health, work, and home among other responsibilities, the things I want to do get pushed back, sometimes even lost to the past.

But I still want to share because it was such a great experience for me! I know some of you mamas out there are running your own businesses or blogging, and the Mom 2.0 Summit is the perfect opportunity to meet new people, network, and learn new things. If blogging or owning your own business is just a dream for you right now, this is for you too. I’m a dreamer… so I get it. I hope this review of Mom 2.0 Summit Conference is helpful to you. Happy to answer any questions- just leave a comment below! 

Mom 2.0 Summit 2022: My Experience​

Being in LA for the first time was slightly overwhelming, but the sunshine that greeted me was a much needed change from the rain I’m used to. I looked out from the 70th floor of the InterContinental Los Angeles at the breathtaking views of the city. I was filled with so much gratitude to be here finally attending my first conference. And I was ready! Heck, I was more than ready for this conference!

Day 1

Monday was the typical start to any conference. I went through the registration process and participated in breakout sessions where I met some amazing women once they arrived. The day ended with a beautiful welcome reception at the pool. It really couldn’t have been more perfect.

Day 2

Tuesday started early for some if they wanted a 7 a.m. workout. Not for me. No early rising when I get a peaceful kid-free night’s sleep! But I heard fantastic things about it. We gathered for breakfast and then spent the day together in the ballroom. We listened to speakers discuss how moms shape the world (yes!), the impact of social media on our kiddos, and mental health.

Day 3

Wednesday was jammed packed filled with so much goodness. I soaked it all in. There were sunrise events and breakout sessions. There was something for everyone to engage in. Over the course of those three days, I attended sessions on storytelling, social media, content expansion, building a successful brand, and winning at SEO and affiliate marketing. There were excellent speakers who shared their inspiring stories and tips. We ate some good food and spent time getting to know one another. I sincerely felt so energized about my business and so fulfilled. I had finally met people who understood me. Being surrounded by amazing women who get me was a breath of fresh air.

Why Attend a Conference as a Mama

The cost of any conference like this one can be a little off-putting. We all have a lot going on, and it’s a big time and financial commitment. However, wherever you are in your career journey, I wholeheartedly recommend attending a conference like this one. Whether you just have an idea or you’ve been blogging for ten years, there is so much value in what you walk away with.

  • Learning I mean, duh… this is kind of the main reason to attend. You walk away with so many amazing tips, plans, and inspiration for your career and your family. You learn about trends and how to really build your business up. I left with so many great ideas, and you would too.
  • Meeting People  You meet so many amazing new people. And these aren’t just any people. These are other women who get you and what you do. They are mission-driven and so passionate! It’s an amazing environment to be in. It makes you feel like you are part of something big, and this community is so welcoming. Not only can you connect with other mamas doing similar work, but you are also able to connect with sponsors. I had the pleasure of not only being introduced to some really awesome sponsors but also meeting them one on one and walking away with an affiliate partnership.
  • Me Time This is a chance for you to escape a little bit. Doing something by yourself to improve yourself prevents burnout in a huge way. It can also help with mental blocks. It can spark creativity and motivation.
  • Swag  I mean, yeah, I’ll say it. You leave with a lot of really cool products!

Making the Most of Future Conferences

  • Dress Up- Get dressed up.. okay mamas? This is your chance to play dress-up for a couple of days. This sells itself. It’s fun, and when you look great, you feel great.
  • Make an Agenda- Review the schedule, and map out what you want to do ahead of time. I’ll admit I was reading the schedule and planning things out weeks before. I really couldn’t help it. I was just too excited! But it really helped me to get the most out of the experience.
  • Come Prepared- Practice that elevator pitch! Okay, so I sucked at this part; I’m gonna be honest with you. But this is why I am sharing. Don’t be like me and come completely unprepared! Get that 60-second pitch down to a science.
  • Download the App- Double-check to see if the conference you’re attending has an app. Maybe not all conferences, but the Mom 2.0 Summit has an app. It’s a great way to meet people, connect with them, see the schedule, and get notifications.
  • Give Yourself Time  Try to arrive a day early and leave a day late. If you are getting away from the kiddos, you might as well make the most of that time to yourself. This way, there’s no stress rushing to the conference on arrival day, and you may get time at the pool. Maybe even a full day to work on your business… poolside.

Learn more about Mom 2.0 here!

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  • Marina Sestan
    July 19, 2022

    Very helpful article, thank you. As a mom of two and blogging from home I would love to participate in a summit like this one.

  • Noelle
    July 19, 2022

    I had no idea this was a thing! I will be downloading that app and looking more into it. Thank u for sharing!