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hey there!

hi i’m christina, it’s so nice to meet you

I’m raising three sweet (sometimes wild) boys with my hubby in the PNW. I hoard books, but rarely get a chance to read them. I write- all the time. I live by lists and I’m obsessed with Disneyland. (But really- who isn’t?)  You’ll find me talking about Disneyland- a lot. 

You can usually find me cozy at home with my family, watching reruns of Friends, planning our next family vacation or working on a passion project. 

I believe in slowing down, prioritizing self-care and living with purpose. 

this is my why

I’ve struggled through mental health issues my whole life, ups and downs -never feeling good enough and always feeling so different. Of course when I became a mom this became even harder. The little self-care I did before become nonexistent and I, essentially, gave up on myself. I lived for my kids, ignoring my mental health. And as you can image- that didn’t end well. 

After I went through, what honestly felt like hell, I made myself two promises. I was going to get myself better (and continue to do so) AND help other mamas out there, just like me who are struggling in their motherhood and mental health. So here we are! 

advocating for mamas with mental health illnesses

what did I learn?

my loves

it’s me


Myself + Disneyland

That’s right- I love myself. As I should. Plus, duh- Disneyland. 

my boys


My Sweet Boys

These sweet boys bring my so much joy.. and ya know.. they drive me crazy. 

my love 


The Hubby

I couldn’t do life without him and I wouldn’t want to. He’s my rock. 

I believe that we are all meant to live a FULL life of love and happiness.. regardless of our mental state. 

i got you, check out more resources.

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