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Hey there, mama!

I’m sharing my favorites in motherhood, mental health & all the things in between. 

Some things you click on may be affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you go to their website and make a purchase. But let me be real honest with you. I do not share anything I haven’t tried or that I do not love.

I love these products because they either bring me joy or calm- and I think you will too.

xoxoxo Christina.

House of Wise

You guys this is front and center because I love. I mean I would spend all my money and buy all the gummies if I could. I've tried so many CBD products- I mean a lot. And they are all crap. I mean maybe it's just me. I do not know but they don't work. I actually gave up and thought something was wrong with me. But then- enter House of Wise.

I listened to the owner speak at a conference, tried the gummies out of curiosity and let me tell you - LOVE.

Hop on over and see what I am talking about for yourself.

You know those nights that you are laying in bed, wishing yourself to sleep but your mind won't turn off? This is me, listening to the crickets play on my youngest's sound machine, wondering when on earth I'm going to fall asleep. Until I tried the sleep gummies from House of Wise. Game changer. Seriously.

They also have other gummies: Sex , Stress and Strength. Plus other fun stuff.

I'm sharing because I love and they are pure magic. Check them out here.

Seint Makeup

Okay ladies.. Seint Makeup is where it's at.

I, like everyone else, stumbled upon Seint makeup as I was watching reels on Instagram. At first I thought, ‘Wow! This stuff looks really cool.’ which quickly changed to ‘I must try this!’ So I did. 

And I am obsessed. Let me tell you. At 35 years old I was using the same makeup that I’ve always used, the same way. And I was never happy with it. I have always loved makeup but found doing it to be something I dreaded because I had no idea what I was doing and it never turned out right. 

Enter Seint makeup– this stuff is AMAZING. I am not saying this to rope you in, I am saying this because it’s 100 percent the truth. 

It’s cream based, the method to put it on is brilliant. Their eyeshadow is bomb. I’m in love. 

Check out more here. If you have any questions reach out on Instagram or shoot me an email at

WP Standard

Okay mamas, I know the struggle of trying to find the perfect bag. Since I work from home I want something that I can use every single day, plus be able to throw my laptop, ipad and anything else I need in. As you know I also have three boys- so extra room for anything they need is a must. Enter WP Standard’s Vintage Tote Bag. It’s perfect. Visit their website here to grab this bag or find something that fits your lifestyle better. You will love!

Grove Collaborative

Oh, I love Grove. I've been using them for years for pretty much all my cleaning supplies, plus they always get me with their fun seasonal items. Even better they have great deals and you can put yourself on a subscription so things are just sent to you autonomically each month. I am ALL about simplifying everything so this is great!

Some of my most favorite books

I am a reader. I could get lost in a book for hours if my kids would let me, but we all know how that goes. Here are a couple of my favs! You can find them all on Amazon or try your local book store.

 I may earn a small commission to fund this great website if you use these links to make a purchase. I only share things I truly love. You will not be charged extra, don’t worry! It’s a win for everyone, really. It’s my hope that you have a great experience with all recommendations.